I'm a master student studying Computer Science at Brown University, with a focus on human-computer interaction.
Currently I am completing my final year thesis with the HCI research group. My advisor is Professer Jeff Huang.

I'm upgrading my web dev knowledge by getting this website working. This is the very first draft of the website and I will be updating it along the way. The repo can be found here. Stay tuned :D

Eda Celen, April Tran, Han Sha, Jeff Huang
Rewind is an open-sourced web app that uses users' geolocation data to re-create past visited sceneries for rememberance. It uses Google Streetview images and integrates weather, seasonal and timely characteristics to best represent users' memories. Work on Rewind has been submitted to CHI2017 and it is currently under review.
S4 new Web GIS
Juanfang Lei, John R. Logan, Yi Qi, Heather Sha
The new web-mapping systems at S4 allow users to easily toggle on and off the map layers of interests, specify and retrieve map data from free-hand drawing or single polygon identification. I was responsible for the design and implementation of the front-end functionalities and appearance using Esri ArcGIS JavaScript APIs.
San Francisco Crime Classification
Qian Mei, Huan Lin, Han Sha, Xiaocheng Wang
This is our final project for CS1951A. We used historical crime incidence reports and machine learning techniques to visualize and predict crime types in San Francisco area. I designed and built the final visualization using D3.js.
My Days
This is one of my assignments for CS2951R. I tracked my time spent over two weeks using Hours Time Tracker, and compared my own data with average time spent by Americans. The visualization is built using D3.js.
More to come....
I was born and raised in Nanjing, China and briefly lived in Singapore for a year when I was in elementary school.
I received my B.S in Electrical Engineering and B.A in Economics from Queen's Universty, Canada, and I spent my first year as a Life Science student before going into engineering.
During my undergraduate years, I worked in Fort McMurray as a oil sand electrical engineering intern for a year.
I have once completed a 100-day yoga challenge, though it wasn't been properly documented..
I play the piano and I am a national level 10 player (China)
I LOVE eating blueberries and once I start eating them...I can't stop.